Indian government launches Weather App 'mausam' on Android and IOS,

Mausam weather app launched by IMD

“Mausam” Our Indian government has launched a new weather app. It is available both on android and iOS developed by the Indian metrology department (IMD). but not available for all cities in India.

Mausam app features:

  • The app shows Information like:
  • Current temperature.
  • Humidity.
  • Wind speed and direction.
  • radar images

You can add your favorite cities in the sidebar under manage cities section

App Overview

As of now, the App is not that pleasing to see and use. like all government websites and apps it is fully functional, but no great design and UI aesthetics, it is said to provide accurate information of your city

Farmers and citizens will help to maintain the crop and if there are any unexpected rains most of the crops get damaged.

with this app it will be able to show weather condition for up to one week and it refreshes and updates 8 times in a day.

More to that in cyclone times, this app sends alerts in color-coded format for impact levels. it a very good move from government to push our technology to our nation’s interest.

With the ban of many Chinese apps now the government is preparing itself to be a self-reliable source for information and services to the public.

we hope the government and corporate developers provide our in-house made apps. so that we can stop relying completely on other country developers and encourage our apps.

In the design factor, it is not going to compete with other popular apps like over drop, today weather, etc.. as of now, but we have to see how accurate it will provide weather forecast and it will be developed over time.

Right now, the Mausam app not showing in the search result. but we should see how quickly it will be fixed. if you want to give it a try we managed to get the link.

Download Mausam app

Android [link]
IOS [link]

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