Why did Indian Military personals ask to uninstall 89 apps

Why did Indian Military personals ask to uninstall 89 apps?

Why Only Indian military?

The Indian military is the ultimate security for country, if military gets compromised then the whole nation’s security is at risk.

Recently there is news that Indian military personally ordered it’s personal to uninstall and delete their social accounts and not use some other apps


Army and military share sensitive data regarding national security, if they are targeted and cyber-attacked these sensitive data files may be leaked and it will pose a national security threat.

The reason is not just some Chinese apps stealing our data but social media apps 

  • If any personal posts their photo their location can gets compromised
  • Honey trapping people through chatting and gathering Information through social media

Last year some navy officers are arrested for leaking classified information, as they fell into trap of a Pakistani agents who are posing as women and virtually honey trapped them. 

Indian army ban 89 apps

In the list, we have seen popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc…..,

In recent days the supreme court ordered if Facebook is important to any officer then they can leave the job and enjoy Facebook

Why not for the general public?

We as the general public have our privacy, but we may not be specific targets for them, but we have to check our sleeves, Indian privacy law!

Practically speaking many social media influences are earning their money through social media like Instagram paid promotions, many gamers are earning money from Pub-G like games, so if they ban it disturbs relationship between public, creators and brands 

Our suggestions:-

We cannot rely on foreign apps we should also have our  homegrown app as our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi started “Aathama Nirbar” , we should encourage our apps 

You can check list of India’s own Social media Apps

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