What is 5G? how 5G works?

What is 5G?how 5G works?

How 5G works? working and how it revolutionizes the industries here

5G works same as all previous generations networks but 5G mainly consists of  3types of signal strengths they are  millimeter wave, mid-band, low band. 


It has short wavelength with high bandwidth it sits between (24GHz-100GHz)

If you want to compare with 4GLte, 4GLte sits between (800GHz-3000GHz).

-> millimetre waves are key to 5G, but not the whole part.

-> millimetre waves offer high bandwidth with low latency.

-> The short come of 5G millimetre wave is its range and it cannot penetrate through objects likes wall

For that here comes the mid-band

-> Mid-band can penetrate through walls but offers a bit less data transfer speed than millimetre wave but more coverage than millimeter waves.

how 5G works every thing you need to know

low band

There comes low band very less bandwidth and great coverage range up to kilometers

Why millimeter-wave if it cannot penetrate walls?

-> Here in millimetre waves the bandwidth is high and low latency so if you see real-life case scenario

-> coverage in crowded places likes malls, stadiums, markets.

-> online cloud gaming like Google Stadia, and other cloud gaming platform

->remote surgeries

-> self-driving cars

In these last two situations the low latency is key, you know if anything goes wrong what will be the cost of loss.

The mid-band helps in data coverage for general users who don’t have coverage of millimeter waves without network drop.

The low band helps for low data IoT devices like bulbs, fans, washing machines which need only to transfer command when we need it. this decreases the conjunction over bandwidth with more users.

This is the reason why telecom’s &tech giants are betting more on millimetre-wave and 5G.

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