We all know that the Automobile industry is leaning towards electricity as a green initiative to save the planet and customers also wanted to get their hands on EVs as soon as possible

The automobile industry is coming up with full-on electric or a hybrid model  to promote green vehicles and reduce fossil fuel vehicles to get carbon emissions in control, in this process  new  green vehicle technology is introduced like Hydrogen fuel cells and Electric vehicle

But we know that the EVs (two-wheelers) majorly in India are recently facing battery burning issue, and as of today two people died during one incident, it alarm’s people decision for opting for an Electric vehicle as their next choice of upgrade

For a moment let’s think that we overcome the quality issue in Electric vehicles but aren’t hydrogen fuel cells also a viable option?

For now, the Automobile industry is concentrating on battery-powered Electric vehicles adding new smart features to it, but if you look closely  the hydrogen fuel cell cars can give a tight competition

Is an Electric vehicle a green vehicle?

It’s kind of a gray area, the power generated to charge EVs are mostly using fossil fuel, until we truly generate carbon-free energy, it still counts under fossil fuel vehicle

Whereas hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as the name suggest use hydrogen as fuel and after combustion with oxygen the final output is water

Electric vehicle vs Hydrogen fuel cell?

Which one do you think will win? As of now, Industries are mass-producing Electric vehicles but the hydrogen fuel cell cars are yet to get into mainstream  production

now that we have it in place what will industry take forward as mainstream electric or hydrogen fuel cell

In my opinion, it all comes down to upselling. companies want to make products that generate more money from upselling than the upfront cost of the product.

In terms of upselling tesla made a major income with their self-driving software updates and additional features that require a subscription

Final verdict

It all comes down to one single formula increasing upselling costs with respect to customer satisfaction, either EV or hydrogen fuel cell that checks this box is the winner

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