We all know that the Automobile industry is leaning towards electricity as a green initiative to save the planet and customers also wanted to get their hands on EVs as soon as possible

The automobile industry is coming up with full-on electric or a hybrid model  to promote green vehicles and reduce fossil fuel vehicles to get carbon emissions in control, in this process  new  green vehicle technology is introduced like Hydrogen fuel cells and Electric vehicle

But we know that the EVs (two-wheelers) majorly in India are recently facing battery burning issue, and as of today two people died during one incident, it alarm’s people decision for opting for an Electric vehicle as their next choice of upgrade

For a moment let’s think that we overcome the quality issue in Electric vehicles but aren’t hydrogen fuel cells also a viable option?

For now, the Automobile industry is concentrating on battery-powered Electric vehicles adding new smart features to it, but if you look closely  the hydrogen fuel cell cars can give a tight competition

Is an Electric vehicle a green vehicle?

It’s kind of a gray area, the power generated to charge EVs are mostly using fossil fuel, until we truly generate carbon-free energy, it still counts under fossil fuel vehicle

Whereas hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as the name suggest use hydrogen as fuel and after combustion with oxygen the final output is water

Electric vehicle vs Hydrogen fuel cell?

Which one do you think will win? As of now, Industries are mass-producing Electric vehicles but the hydrogen fuel cell cars are yet to get into mainstream  production

now that we have it in place what will industry take forward as mainstream electric or hydrogen fuel cell

In my opinion, it all comes down to upselling. companies want to make products that generate more money from upselling than the upfront cost of the product.

In terms of upselling tesla made a major income with their self-driving software updates and additional features that require a subscription

Final verdict

It all comes down to one single formula increasing upselling costs with respect to customer satisfaction, either EV or hydrogen fuel cell that checks this box is the winner


why google apps are free

Why Google photos and services free?

Have you ever wonder why Google services or Google photos are free?
now let’s talk about one of the Google services

Google photos:

when you upload your photos to google photos , if you select the compressed version you can store unlimited pictures and videos because Google’s compression engine compresses your photos and videos intelligently

Google photos

There are three options to select while backing up your photos

  • Normal quality
  • High Quality
  • Express Backup

Pictures uploaded and backed up are the same resolution but storage is limited

High Quality:

When high quality is selected your photos are compressed, even higher resolution is compressed to 16mp and videos are compressed to1080p Full HD.

Express Backup:

Photos and videos are compressed to 3MP and 480p. it doesn’t speed up sync and backup, your photos, videos get compressed to 3MP, 480p
next time when you backup photos cautious about your backup options

Now technology:-

Google storing your photos and offers features like group similar faces, it recognizes photos from childhood to young age how it changed over the years. they collect these data in masses and send it back to servers, The machine-learning algorithm takes the data and processes it. it helps us to find all photos of a person in different photos, it also helps Google to train machine learning algorithm for improvements of its capabilities in facial recognition and age progression

google services
google services

What will Google do?

well, google offers software solutions to different organizations like they use these machine learning models and develop software on facial recognition and sell it to the police force or military for surveillance and catch criminals, terrorists.

Why Google services offer free :

Google is best at compression engine software, it offers a whopping 15GB of data for each Gmail account, unlike its competitors, it is much more,

Google collects user’s data, like your location history and serve you targeted ads when you are at a certain location

How to get rid of it?

All the data is stored in Google’s web activities, it can be moderated and managed your data, limit how much data is collected by Google, and also delete your activity from your Google account settings.

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Why are Mobile prices increasing in India?

Why are Mobile prices increasing in India?

In past few months some mobile brands increased their mobile prices drastically

Due to covid19 price of products are likely in all sectors including mobile

But now and then, mobile companies increasing their prices, actual rules in the Indian government states that every price alteration in MRP should be applied to government and reviewed to change it, that’s why brands keep their MRP margin high and launch at lower prices and sale them using that loophole company altering their prices.

what’s the problem?

The problem is in every price segment with the difference of ₹1000 company offer new models, end reviewers review them accordingly but with the increase of price the segment options/choices are changing, for example, let’s take

Realme C3
launched price is Rs.6,999/-
After GST hike price raised to Rs.7,499/-
Now the company raised the cost to Rs.8,999/-
Let see the percentage raised from launched price by 29% i.e. Rs.2000/-
But we can buy the phone Samsung Galaxy M01 which has similar specifications

Here is the list of some models which increased their price by their company than the launch price

brand & model launch price After GST hike present price percentage of hike
Realme 6 (4/64GB)
Redmi Note 8 (4/64GB)
Redmi 8 (4/64GB)
Redmi 8A Dual (2/32GB)
Samsung M21 (4/64GB)

some phones have a high price at their company web site and low price at online shopping. Check them while buying the phones.
For example, Samsung Galaxy M21 the company web site cost is RS.14,499/- and online shopping has a cost of Rs.13,999/-

you can check best Android mobiles here

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Why did Indian Military personals ask to uninstall 89 apps

Why did Indian Military personals ask to uninstall 89 apps?

Why Only Indian military?

The Indian military is the ultimate security for country, if military gets compromised then the whole nation’s security is at risk.

Recently there is news that Indian military personally ordered it’s personal to uninstall and delete their social accounts and not use some other apps


Army and military share sensitive data regarding national security, if they are targeted and cyber-attacked these sensitive data files may be leaked and it will pose a national security threat.

The reason is not just some Chinese apps stealing our data but social media apps 

  • If any personal posts their photo their location can gets compromised
  • Honey trapping people through chatting and gathering Information through social media

Last year some navy officers are arrested for leaking classified information, as they fell into trap of a Pakistani agents who are posing as women and virtually honey trapped them. 

Indian army ban 89 apps

In the list, we have seen popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc…..,

In recent days the supreme court ordered if Facebook is important to any officer then they can leave the job and enjoy Facebook

Why not for the general public?

We as the general public have our privacy, but we may not be specific targets for them, but we have to check our sleeves, Indian privacy law!

Practically speaking many social media influences are earning their money through social media like Instagram paid promotions, many gamers are earning money from Pub-G like games, so if they ban it disturbs relationship between public, creators and brands 

Our suggestions:-

We cannot rely on foreign apps we should also have our  homegrown app as our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi started “Aathama Nirbar” , we should encourage our apps 

You can check list of India’s own Social media Apps

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What is the New Privacy policy in India

What is the New Privacy policy in India

Do we need strong Privacy policy in India?

when it comes Privacy policy in India As of now, India’s internet literacy rate is lower than total Internet users in India

Recently we have seen that the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps. And the reason for that is security of state and public order

What's going wrong?

European Union has a perfect regulatory law called GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) this law protects users privacy and it also regulates the data transfer between European Union countries to outer countries, they check the data transfer and regulates if personal data is transferred to other countries, they also have a strong law that makes companies bound to privacy regulations and protects the privacy of public.

Whereas in India, the government is taking measures to protect the privacy of people by monitoring the activities of each popular developer and taking countermeasures to protect privacy.

for example, the ban of 59 Chinese app and prohibited Indian military personals use of 89 apps  

But when you see the bigger picture in play store many app developers c develop an app and upload it when it becomes a huge success when it comes to limelight the government is verifying the app activity and regulating it if it senses anything fishy.

But think about unpopular apps that have lesser user base but collecting user data, In any route, the privacy of a user is at risk

If the Indian government makes a strong law against user privacy and data storage, then the developer will think twice before making any such mistake like collecting user’s data without their consent. It also gives the government an authority to punish such companies or developers and stops dark activities.

This also gives users a protection layer, so that the non-technical people/general public can use the internet safely.

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5G in India? Are you ready for 5G in India, when will 5G available in india

5G in India? Are you ready for 5G in India!

The hype of 5G! 5G in India

We know that 5G in India is yet to deploy but the smartphone brands are trying to push their devices to get sold because they support 5G.

When can we see 5G in India?

-> Due to Pandemic situation Coronavirus (COVID 19)
All the industries are effected due to lockdown and the Indian telecom’s operators are one of them. 

Now in India, there is a ban on usage of Chinese equipment which means telecoms cannot obtain 5G equipment from Huawei or ZTE, which used to be cost-efficient than others

On the other hand, before COVID due to JIO, all the telecoms have paid heavy losses even with the Idea and Vodafone merger it cannot handle the situation which is filing losses from the last few years. there are 4 main players in the Indian telecom’s AIRTEL, IDEA- VODAFONE, JIO, BSNL.

JIO is playing it safe and it gained more subscribers and become the largest telecom operator in Asia, it is now setting its steps towards 5G.
Airtel barely got out of the impact and it withstands well.

On the other hand, BSNL with least subscribes doing well but even now the 4G network is not available in many regions.
Ideas, Vodafone is continuously filing losses, survival is key for them now.
With these situations present in India even if JIO and Airtel ready to bring 5G.

It takes at least 1-2 years for spectrum auction, 5G equipment installation & for coverage to entire country it will take nearly 2-3 years 

Our final word on Availability

Now you decide for every 4-6 six months smartphones are launching next generations in their series if you buy a smartphone for 5G Now, how old it becomes when 5G coverage arrives in India

you can check how 5G works what is the technology behind it here

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What is 5G? how 5G works?

What is 5G?how 5G works?

How 5G works? working and how it revolutionizes the industries here

5G works same as all previous generations networks but 5G mainly consists of  3types of signal strengths they are  millimeter wave, mid-band, low band. 


It has short wavelength with high bandwidth it sits between (24GHz-100GHz)

If you want to compare with 4GLte, 4GLte sits between (800GHz-3000GHz).

-> millimetre waves are key to 5G, but not the whole part.

-> millimetre waves offer high bandwidth with low latency.

-> The short come of 5G millimetre wave is its range and it cannot penetrate through objects likes wall

For that here comes the mid-band

-> Mid-band can penetrate through walls but offers a bit less data transfer speed than millimetre wave but more coverage than millimeter waves.

how 5G works every thing you need to know

low band

There comes low band very less bandwidth and great coverage range up to kilometers

Why millimeter-wave if it cannot penetrate walls?

-> Here in millimetre waves the bandwidth is high and low latency so if you see real-life case scenario

-> coverage in crowded places likes malls, stadiums, markets.

-> online cloud gaming like Google Stadia, and other cloud gaming platform

->remote surgeries

-> self-driving cars

In these last two situations the low latency is key, you know if anything goes wrong what will be the cost of loss.

The mid-band helps in data coverage for general users who don’t have coverage of millimeter waves without network drop.

The low band helps for low data IoT devices like bulbs, fans, washing machines which need only to transfer command when we need it. this decreases the conjunction over bandwidth with more users.

This is the reason why telecom’s &tech giants are betting more on millimetre-wave and 5G.

When 5G will be Available in India check out

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check this before you buy IoT (Internet of things) Devices

check this before you buy IoT (Internet of things) Devices

What is IoT (Internet of things)?

IoT (Internet of things) devices are gaining popularity slowly they are not revolutionized like smartphones and laptops. There are reasons for that. 

As we know IoT device smart lights, fans, AC’s, connected refrigerator, connected coolers, every connected electronic device communicate with each other. these devices can be called IoT devices

Having IoT devices is fun and convenient at homes, office’s, factories, here comes the issues there are no proper standards to IoT connected devices.

For example:-

  • Google is having its line of IoT products under the brand nest.
  • Apple is having its line of IoT products whereas there is no centralized platform for these devices, which We need one.

why we need a centralized platform for IoT (Internet of Things)?

Reason:-If you buy a car, or mobile it’s a single independent device which as a processing unit built in it. But these IoT connected devices are many appliances which should communicate with each other and connected under one roof so that it can make a day productive.

You cannot download different apps for a different branded devices like an app for light, app for the fan, app for the washing machine if you buy these of different brands as of now you have to download different applications. 

which ties our hands to stick to one brand or not to buy IoT devices at all, We have to wait for a centralized platform to connect all of our device’s and enjoy the work productivity.

Security: As these IoT connected devices are gaining popularity slowly, companies are not much concentrated on security.

In a household, you have many connected devices, A smart bulb and fan can be ok but nowadays people are using a voice assistant to control these connected devices which means you have microphone. All around you.

Recent security breach from popular Brands:

  • Amazon Alexa recorded the personal conversation of a family and mistakenly and send to its cloud servers.
  • Google’s nest devices are hacked by a hacker targeting one family.
  • Security one of the reason main reason.

Final verdict:-

IoT (Internet of things) devices are great, makes our life easier but at the same time, we have to be cautious. if you can wait please wait for a while Apple and Google and other tech giants working on central platform.

Some of the IoT devices available in India to make your home smart home

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ban chinese investment on Indian startup's

Ban Chinese investments on Indian startup’s!

Why Ban Chinese investments?

Here we are discuss why there is necessity to ban Chinese Investments in India  

Chinese have largely invested Indian Startups way before. Recently china’s central bank bought 1.01% of stake in HDFC Bank which is one of the largest banking companies in India, during lock down.

Some of the startups invested by china

Paytm,  Ola, Flipkart, Swiggy,  Gaana, Zomato, Big Basket, Mxplayer, Oyo, Dream 11.

Paytm- less than 20% is owned by its founder Vijay,40% owned by the Alibaba group.

It is happening because their shortage of Indian inventors and if we do get stubborn and Chinese investors withdraw their investments then it may create a big financial crisis in Indian start up’s

Here is other reason India trades with other countries it has to follow guideline which comes under trading policies

If India wants to stop trading with China it can, but it can affect relations with other nations which are in favor of China

Few Indian State Governments now restricting the participation of China companies from it’s tender of Government works, now we can see that some states had withdrawn Chinese companies from sanctioned projects

so what we can do? as a citizen, we can avoid the purchase of Chinese goods and promote our products and encourage our entrepreneurs

Now Even Government ordered E-commerce to list all the product’s point of origin in there websites

Amazon deadline is August 10 to all its sellers to list their products point of origin (manufactured country) 

Here we covered a topic Ban Chinese products Read here

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Ban china products

Can’t we ban Chinese products?

India can't ban Chinese products!

  • Ban Chinese imports
  • Ban Chinese investments

First, let’s see ban  China imports

Ban Chinese imports (Electronics)

China is one of the largest electronic manufacturer, China contains largest manufacturing factories in the world, Key Electronic components like PCB’s, motherboards, chips, display’s, and batteries are the main components of mobiles, laptops, computers, which are mass-produced in China, And almost every country imports them from China. Those factories can’t be built overnight, they need millions/billions of dollars to invest in new factories

It can be done, but gradually.

Likewise, most of the products that are available in India are from China, manufacturing in China costs lower than in India, So banning Chinese products over the night is next to impossible. It will affect economy badly

Indian market is price sensitive. if you want to buy the same products that are manufactured in India it costs more.

There are reasons for that,  like taxes in India are different from China 

If Indian government goes  and ban Chinese products, then china may also do the same.

See how it affect our economy badly, see the stats below.

exports from India to china

from April 2019 to February 2020, china gets 3% of total Exports from India 

Imports from china to India

from April 2019 to February 2020, India gets 11.8% of total Exports from china

It clearly states that we are more dependent on china in terms of goods imports and exports

Fun fact: “Ban Chinese products”, printed T-shirts can also be imported from china because they are cheaper than in India

Ban Chinese investments (click here)

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Chrome book vs tablet vs laptop

Chrome book vs tablet vs laptop

Chrome books:

Chromebooks are hybrid laptops the software runs on the chrome books are chrome OS, work done here is on the cloud storage, if you want to work on a word document you have to use google Docx for that, basically it is like using chrome browser only on a laptop and in near future google said that it will bring support for play store apps like android


  • All the work done is synced with cloud storage (google drive)
  • It is thin and light laptop with more battery life than a traditional laptop
  • Google Drive storage up to 100gb


  • Limited onboard storage
  • No wide support for apps and can’t do basic photo editing on board
  • Free 100gb google Drive storage limited to two years only
  • It cannot replace a traditional laptop as of now
  • Third-party apps are very few in ChromeOS 


(here we are majorly referring to iPads and surface book because other tablets are not that great as for now)

When you take an iPad it is mostly perfect hybrid for a mobile and a laptop when you go for light workload like little photoshop, android tablets are not that great maybe because Google is trying to push chrome books instead of tablets.

Apple always improving iPad OS and it is generations ahead of others


When I say laptop both windows and macOS laptops they come in a wide range and with wide configuration to handle workload here are some of the issues with traditional laptops

  • They are heavy
  • Battery life is not that great when compared to chrome books and tablets
  • But when it comes to work load handling laptop’s are your choice

Our final verdict:

If you are a light user like binge-watching, light photo editing, emailing, web browsing then an iPad, Microsoft surface book or tablets are good to go 

Chromebooks need to evolve more to replace other devices 

If you are a heavy user then you need a laptop for sure

iPad cannot replace your laptop right now if you are a heavy user

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Android vs IOS

Android vs IOS

Firstly when it comes to comparing two different OS we have to compare the main aspects like ease of usage, apps library, security and privacy, affordability.


Android gives a great way for customizing options when compared to IOS, Android is an open-source platform where any manufacturer can use the platform to make their custom UI and add features to it. But when it comes to IOS it is very limited.

Security and privacy :

When it comes to security IOS is far more secure than android the latest IOS14 is mainly focused on user privacy because android is open-source security and privacy is a bit hard to maintain. We have seen it some of the popular UI like MIUI where the incognito mode browsing data is sent back to the company which is suppose to be made it to be private, and some of the popular UI like realme UI, MIUI, MIUI for Poco, color OS, serve targeted ads and recommendations to the users while some of the recommendations are very disturbing and feels awkward in public places at the same time brands like Nokia, Motorola, etc brings clean UI with no ads and stock android experience to the users. IOS brings a clean UI and software to users where the bloatware apps are very minimal almost to none 

Apps optimization:

Android has more devices if you want to keep a count the number of android devices launched in a quarter almost equals to no of iPhones till date (25 models launched till now since first iPhone) so app developers easily optimize their apps for IOS than android

Software updates:

Here also IOS leads when they launch new version all the supported devices of IOS gets the update same day and when it comes to android the software updates are badly delayed and sometimes some brands just skip the updates


The android devices have a wide range of pricing sections starts from ₹4k to above ₹90k

Where the IOS devices have limited price for the latest model starts from ₹42k to above 130k

App library:

Android play store has a wide range of apps when compared to IOS Appstore, at the same time IOS has all the major app developers but the restrictions are very strict on apps developers than android. android always cleans its play store and remove apps that don’t follow its guidelines 

Ease of usage:

When it comes to ease of using both the platforms are matured equally 

Final verdict:

Android has a wide range of products in all the price points. If you choose the right brand that respects the user privacy in android your good to go

When it comes to IOS they are a bit pricey but the limited models make no confusion to choose if you have the budget and concerned about privacy can’t go do all the research then IOS is your choice 

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