5G in India? Are you ready for 5G in India, when will 5G available in india

5G in India? Are you ready for 5G in India!

The hype of 5G! 5G in India

We know that 5G in India is yet to deploy but the smartphone brands are trying to push their devices to get sold because they support 5G.

When can we see 5G in India?

-> Due to Pandemic situation Coronavirus (COVID 19)
All the industries are effected due to lockdown and the Indian telecom’s operators are one of them. 

Now in India, there is a ban on usage of Chinese equipment which means telecoms cannot obtain 5G equipment from Huawei or ZTE, which used to be cost-efficient than others

On the other hand, before COVID due to JIO, all the telecoms have paid heavy losses even with the Idea and Vodafone merger it cannot handle the situation which is filing losses from the last few years. there are 4 main players in the Indian telecom’s AIRTEL, IDEA- VODAFONE, JIO, BSNL.

JIO is playing it safe and it gained more subscribers and become the largest telecom operator in Asia, it is now setting its steps towards 5G.
Airtel barely got out of the impact and it withstands well.

On the other hand, BSNL with least subscribes doing well but even now the 4G network is not available in many regions.
Ideas, Vodafone is continuously filing losses, survival is key for them now.
With these situations present in India even if JIO and Airtel ready to bring 5G.

It takes at least 1-2 years for spectrum auction, 5G equipment installation & for coverage to entire country it will take nearly 2-3 years 

Our final word on Availability

Now you decide for every 4-6 six months smartphones are launching next generations in their series if you buy a smartphone for 5G Now, how old it becomes when 5G coverage arrives in India

you can check how 5G works what is the technology behind it here

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